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Plasma Stealth Aircraft

China Has Designed A New Stealth Aircraft That Uses Plasma

According to a recent report, Chinese scientists and engineers have made a plasma stealth device for military planes. This device can make almost any plane invisible to radar. Unlike older versions, this new technology can target specific parts of a plane, like the radar dome or cockpit, to hide them from radar screens. It’s called […]

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Cybersecurity Tools

Key Cybersecurity Tools That Can Mitigate the Cost of a Breach

IBM’s 2023 installment of their annual “Cost of a Breach” report has thrown up some interesting trends. Of course, breaches being costly is no longer news at this stage! What’s interesting is the difference in how organizations respond to threats and which technologies are helping reduce the costs associated with every IT team’s nightmare scenario. […]

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Illegal Jewish Settlers Break into Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Jewish settlers, divided into groups, raided the Mosque from al-Maghariba gate and took provocative tours in its compounds. According to WAFA, the Jewish settlers also performed Talmudic rituals in the eastern part of the Mosque. Israeli forces recently intensified measures against Palestinians coming from Jerusalem to enter the Mosque, inspecting their IDs and briefly […]

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Pakistani Meat

Pakistani meat enterprise expands into China

Pakistan exported meat and meat preparations worth $34,866,000 in July against the exports of $25,409,000 during the same period of last year, showing a growth of 37.22% with a quantity of 8,910 M.T, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). In fiscal year 2022-2023, Pakistan exported meat and meat preparations worth $426,708,000 as compared […]

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Network Security

How Security Analysts Can Use AI in Cybersecurity

In the chessboard of cybersecurity, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re playing a high-stakes game of AI vs AI. As cyber attackers harness the power of artificial intelligence, it is equally crucial for defenders to stay one step ahead, using machine learning to bolster their strategies. Malware Detection & Prevention: AI has the potential to […]

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3 year old Pakistani Genius toddler

3 year old Pakistani Genius toddler with 22 world records

Muhammad Ayad is the first toddler in the 75 years history of Pakistan who set a trend of early education and opened doors for other gifted toddlers. Currently, he holds 22 records so far from India, Pakistan, Canada, the United States, and London. He is titled as grand master in Asia records and recently won […]

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Apple’s Emergency Satellite SOS Feature Saves Family Caught in Wildfire

The wildfire raging in Maui County, Hawaii, is being labeled as the most devastating fire in the United States’ century-long history. Amidst this catastrophe, an iPhone played a crucial role in saving a family’s life. In September 2022, Apple unveiled its iPhone 14 series, which introduced an innovative feature designed to transmit emergency SOS messages […]

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